APIZZA La Vera Pizza Napoletana !

You haven’t had pizza until you’ve had Neapolitan Pizza. Neapolitan Pizza is the Original. The way Italians invented it 300 years ago.

Just like in Napoli ... 

Led by Executive Chef Davide Care´, APizza serves the most authentic Neapolitan style pizza in the Panama. Our fresh dough is made in-house every day, using all natural "OO" flour imported from Italy,10 years mother dough from naples and raised 24/36 hours. The sauce for our pizzas is made from hand-crushed San Marzano tomatoes, and our mozzarella is fresh made from our great friend milk producer . Our pizzas are thin-crust, but are most definitely not “New York style.”

Apizza Panama Neapolitan Style Pizza


Neapolitan style pizzas like ours are meant to be eaten with a knife and fork and are crafted using only the highest quality ingredients available. Our pizzas are fired in our specially built wood-fired oven from Italy that reaches 900 degrees and cooks our pizzas in under 90 seconds for a delicate and light, slightly charred dough.

The ingredients

Our cheeses are fine Italian cheeses made from high quality milks, and the fresh mozzarella is also known as “white gold”, for its premium quality and taste.

The Menu

What Our Customers Say

Pizza Perfection!!

The absolute best pizza I've ever had. The sauce is unbelievably good, as is the crust! The service is excellent. Pizza and cerveza on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Boquete....Heaven!

Very good Pizza in the mountains

We wanted some good pizza and APIZZA was perfect. Nice little place with good portions and friendly staff. A must if heading to the top of town. Inexpensive and enough food for a big eater as myself!

Tasty with quality ingredients

Our family of four gives this pizza the thumbs up across the board. Enjoy quick service, tasty pizza and dining on a budget.

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Next door to the Butcher
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Tuesday - Friday 3pm - 10pm
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